Leila Alcasid

Face favourites

Leila Alcasid
Face favourites

Defs gotta take me swimming on the first date because these favourites will 100% make u look like a goddess heh just kidding but rly

With the coming and going of summer comes a few things; uneven skin tone, ice cream, and new make up (it's the turn of the season so it's a must pls) 

Ahead are some of my favourite things to help the skin issue, make u look pretty(er) (because ur all pretty), and battle post summer gloom n doom!!

P.S. I just mentioned ice cream because I'm craving it real bad 



Eau De Parfum

Okay this one doesn't make you look pretty but it makes you smell pretty!!! Which is just as important. I have a travel sized bottle so I can smell pretty all ze time hehe



Juicy Shaker Pigment Infused Bi-Phased Lip Oil (in 372 Berry Tale)

Gifted to me by my lovely Aunty Reg, the Juicy Shaker is soOoOo moisturising (it is oil, after all) and smells so berry good ..hahaaaa.. ha



B & Tea Balancing Toner

Perfect way to refresh and re-balance your skin after a long day of sweat, tears, and oil. Hopefully no tears tho. Use after your normal skin routine and then moisturise ♡



Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

SOOOOO good for removing make up thoroughly + making your skin silky smooth 


Kate Somerville

Anti Bac Acne Clearing Lotion, Exfolikate Cleanser, Oil Free Moisturizer

Officially my favourite skincare brand (apart from Aesop), because it's basically brilliant. I have been experiencing mini breakouts because I'm getting used to Philippine weather, so I need a good skincare regime to help battle that :( Kate's products work wonders so quickly– a must have!! 



Girl Meets Pearl Luminizer 

Smells so yummy and gives a nice subtle glint to ur face


Happy Skin Cosmetics

Eye Love View To Microtip Eyebrow Pencil & Spoolie Duo

At Long Lash Supercurl Waterproof Mascara

Maximeyes Perfect Lash Curler

Matte Of Your Dreams Oil Control Mattifying Powder

Love!!! Was lucky enough to go the Happy Skin 'Eye Woke Up Like This' product launch and I'm soo happy I did. The At Long Lash mascara seems peculiar at first because of the lack of bristles but trust, it works sooo well. The Matte Of Your Dreams powder is also a must for all you oily sweethearts ;) 


Charlotte Tilbury

Instant Look In A Palette

Perfect for on the go since it has everything you need in a 'lil palette! 



Push Out Volcanic Gommage

I've been quite curious about Korean skincare since it's apparently the best, so I started off with something small– and I loooove it. Wonderful for clearing out the pores and leaving your skin feeling fresher and tighter.



Goof Proof Brow Pencil

All time fave bc I cherish ze kilay 



BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING I literally use this every time I do my make up now I'm so obsessed and the colours look so good on tan skin!!!



Monoï Body Glow

Looks like it'd make you darker but it basically gives you a lovely glow which is perfect when your skin is looking drab and dry :( + this smells amazing and since it's an oil, your skin becomes ultra smooth



Ambient Lighting Bronzer

Another gift from lovely Aunty Reg. Soooo lush


Charlotte Tilbury

Wonder Glow Face Primer

My ultimate fave!!! Even though it's a primer, I love using it on its own. I'm someone who doesn't like putting make up on unless I need to or I'm in the mood, so usually I will leave the house with minimal to no make up on. This is perfect because you can just put it over moisturiser for a little pick me up, or use it under make up for an extra glow!



Thermal Spring Water




Just a quick list of everything I'm obsessing over at the moment. Hope you can try some of them out!


Leila ♡