Leila Alcasid

My very ambitious to-do list

Leila Alcasid
My very ambitious to-do list

Some would also call this a bucket list. Either title is acceptable.

With 20 days to go before I hop on a plane, I thought it fitting to make a physical (bucket) list of all the places I dream of visiting, all the food I want to try, all the things I wish to achieve– and share it. Enjoy! 


1. Travel around Morocco

I don't know much about this beautiful place (is that not the point of travelling?), but I've placed it at number one because I so so so SOOO want to visit and see everything and enjoy myself. So wait for me Morocco, we will be together soon enough, my love <3


2. Go on a food holiday in Japan 

Since my Mum lived in Japan for two years, growing up in my household has consisted of numerous Japanese dinners and when we are out, inevitable gravitation toward Japanese restaurants. This particular dream has been in my head since I was around 7 years old, when the obsession with sushi and sashimi grew and my appreciation for Japanese culinary art blossomed.

In the meantime though, I'll just continue to stalk Tasty Japan's Instagram feed. 


3. Visit the Belvedere in Vienna 

Gustav Klimt has been one of my favourite artists since I first saw his iconic 'The Kiss'. The Belvedere Palace Museum in Vienna holds the largest collection of Klimt paintings, and with my favourite artwork in the whole world ALSO being by Klimt (Morte e Vita– or, Death and Life), being able to see his works in the flesh would provide the ultimate sense of fulfilment. I hope. 


4. Volunteer with UNICEF Philippines 

In the country that is near and dear to my heart, I feel that I cannot live in and reap the benefits of such a wonderful culture without doing what I can to ensure the prosperity of its future. UNICEF does work in a variety of areas concerning child welfare– including education. The Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) program works to sustain a stable platform for children to gain access to a quality education and subsequently, a quality future. If I can contribute in any way possible to such an important cause, that is fulfilment worth more than the entirety of this list.


5. Go on (another) food holiday in Italy 

I am obsessed with pizza and pasta and all things Italian categorised as 'food'. Enough said.


6. Visit India

Ever since I came across the online blog JacksGap years ago, I have been absolutely obsessed with their travels and used to spend hours a day watching their videos. One such was a four-part series named The Rickshaw Run, which I watched repeatedly, and then showed my Mum, repeatedly. While it's not necessarily a Rickshaw tour that I want to partake in, I do want to visit the country, try the food and learn about the culture.


7. Volunteer in Liberia

I once watched a documentary on Liberia when I was 16 or 17, and immediately I felt I needed to go there at least once in my lifetime. Wanting to do volunteer work has always been a large part of my life goals, and while there are plenty of places around the world that need help, Liberia is one I feel a personal need towards. Classified by the World Food Programme as a low-income, food deficit country, approximately 83.8% of the population live on less than US$1.25 a day. 

Whilst I would merely be one volunteer, I feel even the smallest bit of help can contribute to a greater strive for difference. :-) 


8. Go to Brazil 

Looks stunning, doesn't it? 


9. Visit Egypt with my Mother 

Egypt was never really on my list of places to go, I think mostly because I just had so many other places I wanted to visit more. However, my Mum alwaaaays talks about wanting to see the pyramids and Egypt in general– and I don't know if it's her influence as a mother or the fact that I just want to go somewhere special with her, but it's on the list now. Can't go back.


10. Visit every state in Australia (that I haven't been to yet) 

Indeed, I have lived in Australia for the majority of my life. However, I've only been to three of the six states and one territory. Since family holidays have always consisted of going overseas, visiting each of these areas in Australia is something I definitely want to achieve. 


So there you have it! My comprehensive list of things I really wanna do and will be quite sad if I don't do.