Leila Alcasid

One big merry Christmas

Leila Alcasid
One big merry Christmas

A very Alcasid/Morrow/Van Eimeren/Velasquez holiday

December has always always alwaaaays been my favourite time of year, because it means holidays and family and food. This also means that I never liked the beginning of the year because I had to wait all over again for the end. 

However, due to new experiences and happy holiday cheer (cue the amazing Spotify Christmas jingle album my sister and I made), I'm actually super excited for the beginning of the year and I'm starting to see passing months as what they really are; an endless blur of little moments that make up your life, no matter what time of year it is. Despite any form of adversity that pops into my life, there is one singular constant that will remain in its abundance (my Dad assures me), and that is family. 

Indeed, this is  a cute 'lil photo diary of our Christmas here in Australia. For sentimentalists like myself though, this is also a tribute to the legendary greatness that is my family.

Yes, I am biased. 


- Fresh Christmas trees are great: see my facial expressions

- Spray yourself with bug repellent: see Sarah's facial expressions 

- Mum loves sentimental family Christmas activities: a given 


I love u mum

I love u mum

Food, family, and gifts - all my favourite things ;)



This year managed to be as great a Christmas as all others, fulfilling the yearning for my mother's potato bake and my step father's ham. Food and gifts aside, this Christmas was something else for me. An indication, if you will, that baby Jenner was right (lol)– this year truly was about realising stuff. 

Life for me has transformed from its usual waiting for special events and favourite holidays throughout the year to realising that life is essentially one big special event. If you let too much of it pass by in anticipation of special days, it will seem rather short– and we all love parties to last forever.


So, let this be my little Christmas blessing: 


See life for what it is; an ever-shrinking realm of possibilities and fun times that need only consist of you, and your loved ones. Treasure every minute because soon it will be tomorrow, and even sooner, it will be next year, and then BAM that's your life. Love all that you have to love. I promise it's worth it. 


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!