Leila Alcasid

My first 744 hours in Manila

Leila Alcasid
My first 744 hours in Manila

Happy one month anniversary Manila <3 

It has been a wonderful first month of new beginnings, new challenges, and new people. Merely 31 days in the scheme of my life, and I feel monumentally different. I'm sweatier after five minutes outside, my appetite for Jollibee has grown tenfold, and my patience is exercised thanks to the beloved traffic...kiddddding. (Not really tho)

All jokes aside, this move has done three things for me: first; it has given me tremendous opportunities to exercise my part in life, second; it has helped me figure out who I am and where I fit in, and third; it has confirmed that I 100%, wholeheartedly, to an outrageous extent, love my family.

Yes, coming here has given me the chance to know my father on a level previously unexplored, spend time with my brother and watch him grow at a rate that isn't sped up by visits that are few and far between, and learn that family can sometimes transcend blood ties– because qualities like loyalty, generosity, and compassion are just as strong. (Love you Aunty Reg).

However, coming here has also reminded me that my family back in Australia are the best thing to ever happen to me. Every day, I learn new things and try new things, and I'm constantly thinking about how lucky I am and how happy I am. The only thing that dims that is the absence of my mother, step father, and sister. Without their encouragement and belief in me, I wouldn't even be here. Missing them is made a little bit easier when I know the next time I see them it'll be like I never left. I could be (am definitely) biased, but I have the greatest family in the world. I think I've said that in a previous post but this is my blog so no rules ;)


Now, because I love 'lil photo galleries:


Alcasids ♡

Because he deserves his own category for greatness ;)

Star Magic workshop family!

First television appearance made extra special because it was for Sarap Diva ♡

Angels Walk for Autism with Aunty Reg!! Fun fun day

A peak at the looks for my first two shoots ever!! Look out for it ;) 

LEFT: Make up by Robbie Pinera, Hair by Eddie Mar Cabiltes, Styling by Shaira Luna

RIGHT: Make up by Juan Sarte, Hair by Mark Familara, Styling by Stylized Studio


And finally, a pic from today 😎


I want to say a big thanks to all my family and friends that keep supporting me and encouraging me to keep at it. Also a huuuuge thanks to my very very very wonderful fans who make me feel loved and valued every single day through social media. You do not go unnoticed. ♡

A month of introductions, new food, new places, tagalog lessons, workshops, and planning, my first 744 hours have been the beginning of extraordinariness.

I can't wait to share the rest.


Leila ♡