Leila Alcasid

See you soon, 2017

Leila Alcasid
See you soon, 2017


Before I begin on all that is new and exciting (like this blog, for example), some background: 

Graced by luck and love and an ever so wonderful family, 4-and-a-half year old me got to grow up in the pretty Southern Highlands, just south of Sydney, after moving from Manila. Bittersweet as the adjustment was, I was able to thrive and learn in an environment that, whilst being 8 hours flight away from the Philippines, was extraordinarily inclusive of both my Australian and Filipino heritage.

A physical embodiment of the amalgamation that is the 'Fil-Aussie', myself and the world around me are one and the same. For me, growing up and learning about life has always been seamlessly connected to culture; whether it be through food (<3), art, fashion, or music. Australia, in my opinion, can be perfectly described as a multicultural blend of richness and creativity expressed through each of these aspects– and it's quite special. Constantly surrounded by a family that have an admirable appreciation for diversity, my wish to understand people, culture, and ultimately the way the world works can be adequately described as genetic.

Visiting Manila every so often over the years has afforded me the opportunity to peek into the vibrant Filipino culture and the kind people that it consists of– an opportunity I will forever be grateful for. However, with 14-and-a-half years in Australia beating the time I had in Manila, learning about the other half of where I come from is a necessity.

Which brings us to now: (all that is new and exciting, aforementioned)

As of January 2017, I will be living and learning and growing in Manila, bonding with my wonderful family that so far I have only gotten to see every few months. While I'll miss my beautiful mother, step-father and sister back home, comfort lies in the fact that travelling is our thing; i.e. I know they'll visit soon enough and join me in relishing in the greatness of the Philippines.

This blog serves as a platform for me to express just how extraordinary– or bizarre, I find everything to be. Whether it be through my undying love of food, my obsession with clothes and all things self care, my immense interest in beautiful art and music (cue Dad - "Nandito Akoooooooo"), or my passion for equality and ways to achieve that, the world is large and I intend to see as much as I can– starting with my home. 

Also, stay tuned for what will surely be hilarious mispronunciations and misspellings as I try to learn Tagalog. 

Hope you like it!