Leila Alcasid

My ultimate flight playlist

Leila Alcasid
My ultimate flight playlist

For those who don't sleep on planes (of whom I am not one haha luv u sleep)

By now it should be clear that I love making lists, and since I'm flying to one of my favourite places in the world today, I thought it appropriate to share what my ultimate music/film/television series playlist would be. Enjoy!



Being part of a particularly musical family– filled with music appreciators and creators alike, my taste has long-evolved to become what it is now; a blend of many genres. When it comes to flying, I generally choose more chilled songs or artists (mostly because I like to be sleepy so the flight goes faster).  For the sake of convenience, I made a cute 'lil flight SoundCloud playlist– and included some more upbeat tracks for those who like to have a mini dance party in their chair. 💃🏽



I'm basically a kid when it comes to my taste in films; Pixar Disney movies are my favourite. I do like the odd drama (cue every Nicholas Sparks movie ever made), however, when it comes to flights I prefer lighthearted films such as the following:

1. Chef

2. Big Hero 6

3. Letters to Juliet

4. Mamma Mia!

5. The Secret Life of Pets

6. The Hundred Foot Journey

7. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

8. The Intouchables

9. Ratatouille 

10. Snakes on a Plane

As odd as this list is, each film is one I could watch over and over again because I love them so so much. I've already watched a few of these on previous flights and will continue to do so, again and again. Call me a creature of habit.

Btw I was kidding about the last one 🙃 


TV Series 

Like quite possibly everyone on the planet, I am obsessed with TV shows. I was fourteen when I watched Gossip Girl for the first time, and I finished Season 1 in too short a timespan that it's embarrassing to admit. My last flight to Manila was a Suits marathon combined with intermittent naps, and I spent quite a few days in early December binge-watching the Philippine television series Dolce Amore (with subtitles, of course). Basically I like TV shows and naps. So here is a list of potential shows I'd watch on my flight: 

1. Jane the Virgin 

2. Stranger Things (if you haven't watched it yet that's weird)

3. How to Get Away with Murder

4. Suits (Harvey <3)

5. The Crown 

6. The 100

7. Orphan Black 

8. Scandal 

9. Black Mirror

10. Gossip Girl (for the 6th time over bc you can never watch it too much)

* Flight or not, watch these if you haven't already because they are amazing and your life is not complete until they are in it. 


Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to watch/listen to on the plane AND insight into my favourite parts of popular culture...because I'm just so tasteful and sophisticated ;)